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Need to review your app mobile code? Ship better product with proper oversight on written code. We have conducted hundreds of code reviews for developers, small teams and large teams. We are happy to offer on demand code review services for your mobile app development teams.

We specialize in what we affectionately call – “Boring Code.”  Boring Code is implies that the code is unsurprising and easy to understand, even months after it was written.  You should spend less time trying to understand some fancy code that is trying to show off the developer’s skills and more on understand what the code is actually doing.  It takes very little effort to write code that a computer can understand, the challenge, especially for teams, is to write code that a human can understand.

Why Brian Kayfitz for Your On-Demand Flutter App Code Review Services?

  • Brian has been doing manual on-demand Flutter code reviews for over 5 years.  
  • Brian has developed over 20+ apps in the past 10 years. Some of his apps have been award winning.
  • 5 Star review for all services related to app development including code-mentoring. See reviews here
  • Brian is a co-author of the Flutter Cookbook, available for sale on Amazon
  • All code reviews are done exclusively by Brian Kayfitz, he has reviewed app code’s for independent developers as well as teams as large as 50 developers.

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Type of App Development Code Reviews Available?

Brian specializes exclusively on code reviews for mobile app developers. Including: 

  • Flutter Code Reviews
  • Dart Code Reviews
  • Swift Code Reviews 
  • Java Code Reviews
  • Objective-C Code Reviews
  • Javascript Code Review

Having your code reviewed by a senior app developer ensures that your code will be merged successfully without causing any regressions.   

On-Demand Code Review Services for your mobile app development Includes: 

  • Review code base to ensure it follows team standards. 
  • Check that the code fulfills the business requirements.
  • Prioritize code legibility so all developers can understand the code without effort.
  • Recommend strategies to add automation tests, decreasing chance of future bugs and regressions. 
  • Ensure code adheres to the highest standards. 

Frequently Asked Questions About Code Review?

App reviews typically take between 30 minutes to a few hours, depending on complexity and features. Brian tries to deliver within 48 hours of receiving your app's code to review. 

First fork your changes to a feature branch. When your are ready to submit your code for review, simply, create a pull request or merge request on your providers website. Then select your reviewer from your team. Brian will then leave detailed comments on your code changes. 

It is best practice to always, include a suite of automated tests with your pull request. That will demonstrated the completion of business requirements for your change. Some app code reviews will even reject your requests automatically if it does not contain unit tests. 

As a senior mobile app developer, Brian suggests keeping your pull requests as small as possible, typically no more than 200 lines of code. This will allow the app development reviewer to give you clear and conscious feedback.  

Brian is a senior app developer and mentor, he has worked with Flutter, Dart, Swift, Objective-C, C#, JaveScript, Java and Kotlin.  

Brian has conducted code reviews for over 30 different app development teams. From a few developers to teams of 20-50.