iOS App Developer For Hire - Freelance iOS Development With Brian Kayfitz

iOS has gone through a few changes, when it was first launched in 2007, it was exclusively on Objective-C. In 2014, Swift was released to replace Objective-C. And in 2017, Flutter a cross platform was launched. Over the transition of iOS development, Brian Kayfitz has developed apps in all of these frameworks from Objective-C to Swift to Flutter. 

As an iOS architect, iOS mentor and iOS developer, he can help develop your app to be available in the App Store, help transition your native app to cross platform to have feature parity with Android and train/mentor your iOS developers.  

Why Brian Kayfitz?

  • Brian has been an iOS developer since it launched, he started out developing games, then transitioned into working for one of the Big Banks in Canada on their investor app, followed by building a retail app for a fast food chain. After opening his iOS development agency, he has helped launch apps in various industries. 
  • Brian has developed over 20+ apps in iOS, in Objective-C, Swift and Flutter frame-works. 
  • He has a 5 star rating on Code Mentor, where as an iOS mentor he has helped teach young developers how to code properly, and help senior iOS developers with any issues they have ran into. Read reviews here
  • Located in Toronto, Brian understands on the importance of having high code quality, therefore all your work will be done by Brian. 
  • Since there is no project management, you will deal directly with Brian, cutting down unnessecary cost and time dealing with large agencies. 

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Objective- C Developer

Even though Objective-C is no longer the primary language of iOS, that doesn’t mean that there aren’t millions of existing Objective-C apps out that still need support. Objective-C is also perfectly interoperable with Swift, so you can have your legacy components communicating with modern Swift modules without difficulty.  If you have an app that has been built prior to 2014 and need maintenance or you want to convert your codebase to Swift or Flutter, look no further! Brian Kayfitz as an iOS expert can help ensure the right architecture is used and that the transition is as easy as can be. He can also train your iOS developers on best practices and work on Objective-C code reviews. 


Swift Developer

In 2014, Apple unveiled Swift as the new first-class programming language for iOS, replacing Objective-C. Swift brings a new clean modern syntax that eliminates common programming errors and improved productivity.

As a swift developer, for those running exclusively on iOS, Brian recommends using Swift due to its ease of maintenance and with powerful and modern features.  

Some of the benefits of Swift App Development: 

  • Swift allows your app to run extremely fast.
  • Latest language to come out of Apple, which decreases the time it takes to build an app, with more powerful features.
  • Modern features, such as Protocol Oriented Development, make it an easy language to learn and maintain.

Flutter Developer

Flutter was introduced by Google, in 2017. It was a stable framework along with Dart that allowed app developers for the first time to deliver high quality coded apps without compromise on performance, and with feature parity between Android and iOS. This revolutionized the app development companies, as companies can save time and money and can ensure the same performance and features regardless of device used. Brian has been so impressed by Flutter that he has written a book, Flutter Cookbook, to help fellow iOS developers embrace this new technology. 

Benefits of Flutter Development

  • Same code based, can be applied to apps for both iOS and Android, and recently Web Apps, have become a feasible option. Making it the most efficient way to code. 
  • Training your app development teams to embrace Flutter can help improve your efficincy. As an iOS trainer, Brian has helped transition teams and their apps from Swift and Kotlin developers to Flutter Developers, therefore increasing team’s efficiency. 
  • Saving on cost, having to code the same app twice, is not only inefficient, but also expensive. Senior Android and iOS developers and their teams, had to do code reviews, architecture and custom design to support each platform. 

iOS Services:

Brian Kayfitz understand that each company has unique needs, some require a quick feature update, while others are trying to build a brand new iOS app, and yet another agency just need Swift based code reviews. Having the flexibility, Brian can accommodate the following requests: 

  •  iOS Development – as a senior iOS developer, he can help develop your app in Objective-C, Swift or Flutter. It can be a feature request, an MVP, or a full app. 
  • iOS Architecture – as an iOS architect, he has worked on multiple app’s architecture, simplifying development will ensure high performance app that other developers can easily update going forward. 
  • iOS consulting – Sometime an entrepreneur or development team acquires an old app, or perhaps is stuck on an issue, as an iOS consultant, Brian can help strategies the best way forward from converting code to Flutter or simply tweaking a few features. 
  • iOS Mentorship and Training – hiring and retaining good talent is difficult. Therefore, Brian has mentored over 100 different developers from teams small and large, to ensure their success as iOS developers. He has become so passionate about the next generation of coders that he has written the Flutter Cookbook

iOS Freelancer vs. iOS Development Agency

The main reason to choose an iOS freelancer is because you are getting a true iOS expert. You are not dealing with a account manager, that is taking your requirements and sending it to an offshore team with hundreds of developers possibly touching your code base. Instead you are dealing with a North American app developer, that has worked in iOS for over 15 years, who has build high security app for a leading bank in Canada, as well as HIPPA Compliant Apps in the health industry. He also helped companies grow their internal teams while maintaining high code standard with iOS code reviews and iOS mentorship. 

The Process:

As a iOS Developer, Brian’s process is simple. 

  1. Mobile App Requirements: What language was the app written in? What platforms are you looking to support? If there are any issues with current app? And other technical and strategic questions. 
  2. iOS Development Strategy: For iOS only apps, the strategy is important from the way the app is build to the way it is deployed to the app store. Having a proper strategy from the beginning of the app development or iOS feature request can go a long way to ensure the app’s success. 
  3. Architecture: As an iOS architect, Brian will ensure that your architecture from database to code structure is designed in a way that it scales and without limiting the app’s performance. 
  4. UI/UX Design: Brian will work with your designers or brand guidelines to ensure proper UI/UX guidelines are followed. If you are in need of an app designer, he would be happy to help find a designer that is best suited for the app’s vision. 
  5. App Development: As a iOS developer, Brian can build the app on his own or work with your team to help with more difficult tasks. As a senior iOS developer for hire, he can help problem solve any road blocks to ensure development moves forward. No iOS app development is too small or large for Brian to handle. 
  6. Testing: Brian set up automated testing and he develops with the test driven development framework. However, it is encouraged that his clients do their own internal QA testing or outsource testing. 
  7. App Deployment: Brian will deploy your app into the App Store in an automated process. He can help generate screenshots and meta description as well as help with ASO. 
  8. Support and Monitoring: Brian can help monitor performance of iOS’s apps performance post deployment and address any bugs or future features.