Mobile App Development MVP Services - MVP App Development Done by a PRO

MVP is a minimal viable product, when having an idea for an app, this is a great way to test your product prior to investing in a full build. We can help build your MVP so the app is ready for the marketplace and investors. 

Brian Kayfitz is an MVP app developer that has build multiple MVP apps, some in as little as 2 weeks. As an MVP app freelancer, he has also experience bringing your vision to life in a most efficient manner. 

Why Brian Kayfitz?

  • Brian has been an app Developer for over 10 years, starting with Objective-C and Unity, prior to switching to Flutter
  • Brian has worked developed over 10+ MVP apps in the past few years.
  • Brian can help with mobile strategy including app’s architecture, features and most importantly ASO (app store’s optimization) in order to get your app found.
  • Brian is a co-author of the Flutter Cookbook, available for sale on Amazon
  • 5 Star Flutter Mentor and developer on CodeMentor, he has advised developers on their MVP apps as well as helped solve complex problems for senior developers.  Check out his reviews here
  • Your app development is never outsourced. it will be done exclusively by Brian a Toronto based senior app developer. 
  • Depending on complexity, your MVP can be developed within a few weeks or can take a few months.

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Case Study: MVP Development of Fitness App

App NameXWalk Industry: Fitness App

Tech Stack: Flutter, Dart, SQLite

Unique Features: 

  • Core Location
  • Customized Calorie Calculation
  • Offline First Dashboard

About Fitness Flutter App: 

“X-Walk was inspired by nordic walking a great way to lose weight and improve stable walking. It was designed to be offline first with no connection to the internet. Since the app uses location data to track your progress, which is considered privileged data from privacy perspective, grain pains were ensured that no location data leaves the device.” As per Brian Kayfitz. 

Benefits of MVP: 

  1. Understand marketability: By launching a basic app you can validate if the users are looking for your type of app. 
  2. Generating feature ideas: When users actually use your app they will have better ideas on what features they want to see. Collecting first hand features is a sure way to a winning app. 
  3. Minimize risk: by launching a basic product you minimize the cost and time of building a complete app, therefore minimizing cost and time. 
  4. Fast App Development: Get your app in the app store within weeks. 
  5. MVP as prototype for investors: Investors often get pitched on ideas. Showcasing a basic prototype can go a long way to stand out of other pitches. 
  6. Scope the competition: by launching your app, you can beat other competitors or identify their next moves. 

Our Approach to MVP Development:

Having build multiple MVPs we understand how to get the basics out. We start by forming a mobile app strategy, framework, data structure and architecture so we can scale beyond MVP. As per the build we focus on core functionality and design to launch the product in a matter of weeks. 

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MVP Development Agency vs. MVP Developer Freelancer

There are a few reasons to choose MVP Development Corporation versus MVP Expert Developer Freelancer. One of the advantages of going with the MVP development agency is due to access to big team including designers, project managers, designers and testers and mobile app strategists. The mobile app development agency can also scale your app much faster than an MVP developer for hire. However, MPV app development should be a quick development project to test the marketplace or present a prototype app for investors. Therefore, scaling is not really a problem at this stage of your app’s journey. An MVP app freelancer can build an app in matter of weeks or a month or two, there is no need for overhead cost of account managers and project managers, and can help navigate the app store by partnering with internal or your marketing agency. 

Frequently Asked Questions about MVP App Development

Typically MPV apps  require 20-100 hours of development, making your app proto-type go live in the app store within a few weeks to a month. Typically apps take longer when MVP go beyond core features of the app. 

Features can make an MVP go from a few weeks development to a full app that can take a year or more to build. Therefore, we recommend having a mobile app strategy session with Brian, the MVP freelancer to identify what makes your app unique. The goal is to get a prototype out to the marketplace in record time to test the environment or proof to investors that the idea is great. 

To build an MVP, all you need is an idea for our app developer to get started. If design is available that would be great, otherwise, it is advisable to use existing packages to launch as quickly as possible with branding requirements of course. 

Brian as a senior app developer for hire has build over 10 MVP apps, some were successful such as Visited. Visited started as a simple app to track how many countries a user has been to and put all places on the map. 8 Years later, the app has travel lists, progress dashboard, possibility to print Poster, an inspiration features, and an updated map including cities.