What Mobile Development Services Can I Help You With?

Cross Platform (Flutter)

Native iOS (Swift/Objective-C)

Have a …

An Idea for an app

Brian Kayfitz has not only built apps but also has designed,
architecture for apps for both start up and enterprise companies. Range of
industries includes eCommerce restaurant apps for Recipe Unlimited (Swiss
Chalet, Harvey’s), Travel App – Visited, banking BMO, Games – Digital Leisure,
B2B apps and much more.

Existing app you want to convert to cross platform mobile development

Maintaining two codebases not only increases the cost but also is time consuming. Every time you want to add a feature you have to design it twice, write it twice and test it twice. For companies that want to move fast, this is unsustainable. With Flutter, you can create apps for iOS and Android from a single codebase without comprising on quality. Your ideas will get into your customers hands faster than ever before.

iOS native app that needs support

Existing app usually requires tweaking such as new features, bug fixes, supporting the latest iOS updates, Brian has not only able to solve the toughest problems but offer code reviews to identify flaws in architecture.

Need for training or consulting

Brian Kayfitz is the Flutter Team Lead at Raywenderlich.com, a premium education site for mobile development. He has also trained developers and consulted on everything mobile on ARC, with a five- star rating!

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