Toronto based mobile app developer. Helping mobile development teams and businesses achieve their app dreams. He has developed over 20 apps, helped over 100 developers with app mentoring and app development training, and has even written a Flutter Textbook.

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What Mobile Development Services Can I Help You With?

Mobile App Services:

Mobile App Development

If you have an idea for an app, Brian Kayfitz Development can make it come to life. We have built apps in over 8 different categories including eCommerce, Finance, Travel, Messaging and Games. If you have an idea, we have the technical know how to bring it to the app store. 

App Development Training

Your team needs training? Or maybe you are blocked? Brian has experience working with individual developers of all levels and teams of all sizes to help solve problems, couch and mentor programmers.

Mobile Strategy

Not sure what language or framework to use? Should your app be built with native or multi-platform technologies?  How should you architect your app to lay a strong foundation for the future? Brian can help with mobile development strategy.

Convert to Cross Platform

For the majority of companies, maintaining two code-bases not only increases the cost but also is time consuming. Brian can help convert your native apps to Flutter. We can also help train your team to code in Flutter making it a smooth transition.

Code Reviews

Brian offer code review services for app developers. Prior to merging new code we look for bugs, ensure the code is clean and testable. We believe that is is easy to write code that computer can understand, the true craft of programming is the ability to write code that another human can understand.

MVP App Development

If you have an app idea, want to test its market viability or have a working prototype for investors, Brian can build your app. He has build multiple MVP apps and can figure out the minimum viable product development for a quick launch.

About Mobile App Developer, Brian Kayfitz

Frequently Asked Questions:

The beauty of customized app development is that any feature or app idea can be developed. As a senior mobile app developer, Brian has build over 20 different mobile apps so of which are used by millions of users others are prototypes or MVPs. 

If your app is built in Dart, Objective-C, Swift or Java languages, Brian can help add any features. He can also update existing code to perform better. 

Brian has been an app mentor for over 4 years, and has helped over 100 developers of all levels. If you have an issue with your code base, need training on best app development practices or are stuck on an issue, Brian can help. 

If your app was build by an offshore app development agency, and the app is not performing in the right way, there are a few ways you can address the issue. The first is to do a quick code review to see if there are issues with the app's architecture, audit third party packages used and identify the root cause of the issue. In certain instances it maybe quicker to re-write the app, if no obvious problem is causing the issue.

If your code is written in native language such as Objective-C and Kotlin, and you are maintaining two code basis. As an app developer, you can either migrate your existing code to Flutter, or continue adding new features in Flutter on top of your native code base. 

To develop a new app, takes time and money. The time it takes depends on the app's complexity, customization needs and features. As you start the development of your app, Brian recommends doing an MVP app development, where you are building a basic version of  your app to test the marketplace and get user's feedback. An MVP app can take a few weeks or months to build, and starts at a few thousand dollars but can scale to much more. 

There are a few fundamental differences between hiring a mobile app development agency and hiring a mobile app freelancer. The advantages of hiring a mobile development agency is that the agency comes with many developers, design services, and testers. The disadvantages of hiring an app company, is that it can be expensive, can actually take longer to develop your app and is narrow in its focus. While hiring an app freelancer, you are usually getting a senior developer who will be the only one working on your code base. He can help train your existing developers and work along side your programmers. Therefore, if you are building an app in-house but need a bit of help bringing it to the app stores, freelancer is a way to go. Another option, is offshore mobile app development companies, they typically charge a lower hourly rate, than American programmers, however, the quality may not be the same and you may pay more in the long term. 

The main advantage of outsourcing app development is time to market and skillset. Your team may not have skills to develop an app in a timely manner. However, with training for app programmers, offered by Brian Kayfitz, you can train your team to develop high quality app that do not have any performance issues. One way to do so is to have mentorship sessions for junior developers and code reviews for any new features that the programmers are working on.

As a mobile freelancer, Brian has no minimums or retainers. He is happy to do code reviews, help develop a feature or help solve a specific problem your programmer is having. He is also happy to talk about app's architecture, tech stack or any other strategic questions you may have.