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Java is a programing language that is can used for any platform including Android, iOS, web and more. While Android has native languages such as Kotlin, developers tend to prefer Java for a few reason: its stability, its a popular language that is easy to hire for and Java has many open source resources. 

Hiring a Java Freelancer such as Brian Kayfitz, for your mobile app development can help speed up your development, can create MVP and can help resolve any issues related to your Java code for mobile apps. 

Why Brian Kayfitz?

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Benefits of Java for Mobile App Development:

Java Mobile App Development Agency vs. Java Freelancer

Choosing a Java Freelancer against a Java Mobile app company depends on the company’s needs and budget. A Java expert can help add features to an existing app, fix any bugs, and help mentor your Java development teams. While Java mobile app agencies can build a complicated app in a few months utilizing a large workforce including designers, testers, junior and senior developers, account managers and project managers. Therefore, providing a one stop shop for all your mobile development needs. However, hiring a java mobile development company also comes at a cost. Java freelancer is often cheaper, you are getting higher quality code base and you are dealing directly with the person in Java development. 

Frequently Asked Questions

As a Java freelancer, I am happy to update your app with new features, simple update your app to new versions of an operation system or fix bugs. No project or request is too small or large for Brian to handle. 

We understand the importance of code ownership, therefore, any Java development or mobile consulting that is done by Brian, is yours to keep. He is happy to sign NDAs and contracts, to ensure mutual protection. 

Pricing any app development written in Java, or another language really depends on requirements as well as complexity. A simple MVP app proto-type written in Java and launched on Android can take a few weeks to build, however, a complex personalized e-Commerce solution for example may take months to a year to develop.

Brian recommends starting a brand new app as a proto-type app also known as MVP (minimum viable product), this will allow you to launch a new app in a manner of weeks or a few months to be able to test the marketplace. It is also a great starting point for figuring out what features your target market will want to see in your Java written app. 

As a Java developer for hire, Brian does not have a preferred communication method, simply fill out a form and let him know what communication method you prefer.

Once your app is live in Google Play store and/or App store, Brian can help understand performance by building a custom dashboard to monitor for bugs, marketing acquisition performance and other custom events. As a Java expert he can also help solve for any bugs or develop new features. 

If you Java written app needs refreshing, debugging or updates to features, Brian Kayfitz can help. No project is too small or large for him to handle. He understands that to build an app requires a village and sometimes that village is no longer able to work on your app.