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Mobile app strategy is more than just selecting a framework or developing data structure. Mobile app strategy goes to defining your target market, your go to market, design, framework, development architecture, ASO, monetization strategy and marketing strategy. We can help with the technical mobile app strategy; and we partner with a marketing agency & designers to help deliver the perfect app strategy. 

Market Research

Identifying your ideal target market and targeting the right users is key to a successful app. Our marketing partner can help streamline research and identify the perfect target market for your app. 

Framework & Architecture

Utilizing the right tools for your app is critical to the technical part of your development. As a mobile app developer, Brian has the technical expertise to guide you from designing your data structure to identifying the right architecture. 

UI/UX Design

Having the right user experience is key to the success of any app. Brian partners with different UI/UX designers to come up with the perfect mix between design and development. We also help with analytical strategy for user experience testing. 

App Store Services

As app freelancer, Brian goes beyond the basic deployment to the app store and play store by implementing continuous deployment. 

Brian can help getting description, images and all other details into the app store. Including setting up in-app purchases a great way to monetize consumer apps.

App Marketing Services

There is nothing worst then putting the time and effort into developing an app that no one uses. Most of the time it is lost in the thousands of apps available in the marketplace. Brian partners with marketing agencies to provide ASO, digital marketing and other marketing services to ensure that your app gets the exposure it needs. 


App Analytic Tagging Services

To improve your app you need data, what people are clicking on, are they scrolling, what information are they inputting into the app and so on. To get this data you can use third party tools which require tagging and code implementation. As a mobile app development experts we can provide app analytic tagging services to help marketing and operational teams get the attribution and product insights you need without bothering development teams. 

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Why Choose Brian Kayfitz for your Mobile Development Strategy

  • Brian has helped many companies come up with the right mobile app development strategy; from using the best tech stack to identifying ways to making sure the app’s architecture is suited to scale.
  • Brian has build his own apps, one of which is Visited; that has over 2 million users which were acquired organically. This app also has a profitable in-app purchase monetization strategy. 
  • Brian has worked with app developers all over the world including: Canada, USA, Australia, Spain, UK, Israel, and UAE. 
  • As a flutter trainer, Brian Kayfitz has mentored many students and app developers. He has a 5 star review on Code Mentor. 
  • He is not only a hands on as an expert app developer, but also understand the needs of users and business requirements.
  • Established co-authored, the Flutter Cookbook, available for sale on Amazon.

Case Study: App Strategy For Health App

App NameMyJourney Industry: Health App

Tech Stack: Flutter, Dart

Unique Features: 

  • HIPPA compliant
  • Patient Journey

“The health app is extremely important to ensure patient privacy and security is the highest priority. Not only to be HIPPA compliant, but also to ensure that the app is easy to use and useful to the patients as well as the healthcare workers. From mobile app strategy to development, it is important to ensure all features are compliant and high performing.” Said Brian Kayfitz, Flutter Developer

Mobile App Strategy Process

When building out an app or updating an existing app, it is important to have an overall mobile app strategy. So what is included in a mobile app strategy and what is the process? 

As a mobile app strategist, the first thing is to understand: your target market, your app’s goals, your feature asks, your monetization strategy, and so on. Once you establish the 6 P’s of marketing you can begin to talk technology. The 6 p’s of mobile app development includes: Product (what features are you building), Price (How will you monetize your mobile app), Place (Are you planning an iOS only app, or cross platform app, what about web app?), Promotion (how will you market your app, will it be ASO, internal marketing or digital marketing), People (who are your ideal target user?), and Presentation (in other words your UI/UX design). 

Now that you have established your business needs, it is now the job of a mobile strategy freelancer, Brian to help establish the best language, framework, design, and other tech stack to use for your app development needs. 

So what is included in your mobile app technical strategy beyond the language and frameworks? 

Your plan should have a list of features, UI/UX frames to support your features as well as any third party integrations that are needed. For example, would you need to collect payment, would this be done by third party tool such as stripe, would your eCommerce feature be supported by Shopify, and so on…. As a freelancer mobile app developer, it is important to understand expectations on time-lines and launch dates. It is important to factor in testing and bug fixes prior to launch. Finally, when the app is launched, the next step is to have a clear outline of new feature development and their road map. It is also advisable to be flexible as user’s tend to have a lot of great ideas for new features that may change your road map, adding to agile mobile app development. Frequency of app updates, will depend on new features as well as updates to operating systems, or bugs identified post launch. It is recommend to update at a minimum once a quarter, or sooner, due to the impact on app update and the app’s ranking in the App stores. For other mobile app strategy considerations, please contact Brian Kayfitz, he would be very happy to discuss your project and offer her mobile app expert opinion.