Brian Kayfitz has over 10 years of mobile development experience ranging from small start-ups to industry leading corporations with billions in revenue.  He started his career in game development working on a famous game, Dragon’s Lair. When iOS was launched he worked for a start-up developing a social media app to be used for families. He later got a job at BMO; a leading bank in Canada, where he worked on InvestorLine, an investment app. After the launch of the app, he worked for Cara a restaurant company, building their Swiss Chalet app. In 2020, he has decided to take his experience and knowledge to help other start-ups and established corporations with their mobile app development needs.

As a mobile app freelancer, he has developed a few apps of his own including Visited, a travel app that has over 2 million global users and is available in 30 languages on both App Store and Google Play Store. He has also launched a few MVP apps such as X-Walk a Nordic walking app, Debt Free a financial app to help users get out of debt and The Fertility App, an app that helps couples deal with their fertility treatments. 

As a mobile app consultant, he’s helped different clients with their app development needs, trained and mentored their app developers as well as provided mobile app strategic consulting. He is passionate about mobile app development and is eager to help other developers and entrepreneurs bring their app ideas to life.  

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He has worked with the following technologies:

  • Languages: Dart, Swift, Kotlin, Java, SQL, Objective-C, Swift, C#, JavaScript, CSS, HTML
  • Frameworks: Flutter, UIKit, SwiftUI, Android SDK, Spring Boot, Unity, NodeJS, Django
  • Services: AWS, Firebase, BigCommerce. Google Cloud, Stripe, Shopify, Sentry, Google Analytics

Books Written: 

Brian Kayfitz written Flutter Cookbook to help transition programmers from native app development to Flutter. 

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App Categories Brian has worked on: 

Financial App Development including Debt Calculation Apps, Rental Calculator Apps and Banking Apps. 

Fitness App Development including Nordic Walking app. 

Travel App development including Visited app which was fully developed, designed and marketed.

Productivity App Development and mentorship, including Adyton. 

Health App Development for cancer patient app MyJourney and MVP for Fertility App, The Fertility App.

Game App Development including Coding Dragon’s Lair in Objective-C. 

Food and e-Commerce app development for Swiss Chalet in a team lead capacity. 

Education App Development including helping Rosita build their MVP app. 

B2B App development including add analytical tagging for fortune 500 company as well as Start-ups. 

App Development Services:

Brian has not only build apps in Flutter, and helped train flutter development teams, he has co-authored a Flutter Cookbook. If you need help with your Dart code, or want to build a cross-platform app in Flutter, Brian can help.

If you have a native app written in Swift or Objective-C and need help, as a native app freelancer, Brian can help. He can also help convert code from native iOS to cross platform framework, Flutter. 

If you have developed an app in Java or Kotlin, Brian can help finalize features, update your app or re-write it in a cross platform framework Flutter. He is has been an android freelancer for over 5 years, and can help developer your android app. 

Brian offer mobile app development services and can help build your app idea or finalize an existing app. He has developed apps in Dart, Objective-C, Swift, Kotlin and Java. He has build over 20 apps which are live in the app store and Google's Play Store. 

Having a successful app in the app store or Google play store, takes more than just great tech. It takes understanding your users, keeping your app up to date, and marketing. Brian offers mobile app strategic consulting services to help ensure the best outcome for your app as it relates to its techstack, app's architecture and he partners up with a marketing agency for ASO and app store's product pages. 

In order to minimize investment and have a prototype ready for investors, an MVP app is recommended. Brian, a mobile app developer for hire can help get your basic MVP app into the stores within weeks or months. 

If you have native apps and are maintaining two code basis for Android and iOS, it is time to upgrade to Flutter. As a senior flutter freelancer, Brian can help not only transition your app to flutter, but also train your developers how to code in Dart and about flutter's framework.

Brian has been an app mentor for other developers for over 4 years, he has helped train teams of 50 with code reviews, best practice tips as well as helping solve specific problems and bugs.

App code review services are available for the following languages: Objective-C, Swift, Java and Dart. 

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