About Brian Kayfitz

Brian Kayfitz has over 10 years of mobile development experience ranging from small start-ups to industry leading corporations with billions in revenue. He is also an established author of Flutter Cookbook and a tech auditor on Dart Apprentice book. Some of his experience includes developing games such as Dragon’s Lair for Digital Leisure, developing a healthcare mobile app and a travel mobile app for a couple of different start-ups, developing a mobile banking app for one of the top banks in Canada, and creating a mobile eCommerce platform and business intelligence tools for one of the largest restaurant companies in Canada. Now he is taking on a new challenge of becoming a Full-Time Flutter freelancer as well as assisting other developers with their iOS native apps. No project is too small or too complex.


  • Objective-C, Swift, Xcode, Flutter, Dart, Java, Android, Spring, NodeJS, JavaScript and Unity
  • Mobile Wallet developer
  • Location-based apps


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