In 2014, Apple unveiled Swift as the new first-class programming language for iOS, replacing Objective-C. Swift brings a new clean modern syntax that eliminates common programming errors and improved productivity.

As a swift developer, for those running exclusively on iOS, we do recommend using Swift due to its ease of maintenance and with powerful and modern features.  

Why Brian Kayfitz?

  • Over 8 years as a swift freelancer. He has build multiple apps and provided swift mentorship services to both small and large enterprise clients. 
  • He has a 5 Star review as a Swift mentor on CodeMentor, consulting on Swift Architecture, doing Swift Code reviews and solving complicated problems created by complex features or other swift programmers.
  • His biggest project in swift development was based on a e-Commerce solution for a fast food chain which is used by millions of customers.
  • Over the years Brian has transitioned to develop apps in Flutter, and can transition your Swift and Java app into Dart/Flutter. 
  • As Brian is a Swift freelancer, you are not getting a large Swift Development agency where there are extra fees for project managers and other expenses. You simply pay for a senior developers time. 
  • As a swift freelancer, he can take on building Swift apps from scratch, help with swift feature work or help doing swift tutoring to your existing developers.  

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Swift Freelancer Services

Brian Kayfitz Development started as a Swift hire to build an e-commerce app for a food chain. It was a complex app with payment system, menu items, allergy tables and marketing information. After the app was launched in the app store it was used by millions of users. Since the app launch, Brian has worked as a swift freelancer and swift consultant to help other apps get developed and launched in the App Store.

Brian Kayfitz Development services include: 

  • Swift Freelancing
  • Swift Developer
  • Swift MVP
  • Swift trainer
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Case Study: Swift Development of e-Commerce App

App Name: Non Disclosure Industry: Food Industry

Tech Stack: Swift

Unique Features: 

  • Ordering System
  • Marketing Menu

“Working as a senior Swift Developer to build the iOS version of the fast food chain, I had to ensure that the app’s performance was flawless due to its millions of users. Since its development, I have helped many other Swift developers create complex high performance apps in swift.” Brian Kayfitz, Swift Freelancer.

Benefits of Swift

Frequently Asked Questions about Swift Development Agency?

The difference between a Swift agency and a swift freelancer is the number of people involved. Typically a Swift Development company will have project managers, account managers, designers, testers, jr. developers and sr. developers working on your account. For Swift freelancer you are just getting a senior swift developer, Brian Kayfitz.

As a swift developer for hire, you can hire Brian to either build a brand new app, add features to existing app, fix bugs associated with your current Swift app or simple get mentorship for your Swift development team. 

Yes, as a Swift expert, Brian can help identify the root cause for a broken app and fix the issue. He can also recommend Swift best practices, for optimal results and tutor swift developers. 

The development of an app really depends on its complexity and duration of building. For example, a simple MVP (minimal viable product) app can take as little as 2 weeks to build and have starting costs of $3,000USD. However, some apps can take a year to develop, and would cost in the hundreds of thousands. As a Swift expert, Brian can advise the estimated cost of developing your Swift app. 

As a swift mentor, Brian does provide Swift tutoring services. He can help solve a problem, help with best practices and with Swift architecture. 

If you have acquired an app with old Swift code, and you need help fixing it or understanding it, Brian can help. As a Swift freelancer, he can also convert your Swift code to dart code, which would go cross platform. 

Brian, is a Swift freelancer, and bills by the hour. Therefore, you never have to worry about requiring minimum of work or retaining his services. Simple contact him, when you need a Swift developer and he will be able to help.

No, all Swift development will be done in Toronto by Brian Kayfitz. In the event, that you need multiple developers, Brian can help expand the team of North American developers. We can help train your Swift offshore team, and provide swift code base reviews, but all of the swift in-house work is done by Brian.

App development in Swift or another language, really depends on its complexity and features. Some apps can be done fairly easily, while others may take years to perfect and build out.