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In 2024, Android devices represented a global market- share of 70%. For any app developers, having an app in Android is more important than ever. Especially true in marketplaces that barely have any iOS devices.

The challenge of being an android developer is that you are writing code that has to perform on over 1,000 different devices. Of course that number is much smaller in North America, but the challenge is ensuring that your app is responsive and has good performance on entry level devices versus feature phones. 

As an Android freelancer, Brian Kayfitz has coded in Dart which is a cross platform language, as well as Java or Kotlin. As an android expert Brian is happy to help with android app development, android tutoring or android bug fixes. 

Why Brian Kayfitz?

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Android Mobile App Development Company vs. Android Freelancer

Hiring an android freelancer, can ensure your project gets done by a senior android developer. It also ensures clear communication between requirements and development. Your development will not be outsourced. As oppose to an android freelancer, you could hire an android development agency, that will have more resources such as designers, testers and more developers. There is usually a higher cost of hiring an android agency, as well as may take longer to build as more cooks in the kitchen is not always better. Hiring an android freelancer can be beneficial for those with existing apps that need tweaks, bug fixes or new features added. 

Case Study: Android Development of Health App

App Name: Rosita Longevity

Industry: Health App

Unique Features: 

  • Real Time Video
  • AI ChatBot

About Health Android App: 

“This health app was unique in its proposition and it’s development. Due to the target market, it had to have simple to use UI, and used A/B testing to identify the best way forward.” said Brian Kayfitz, Android expert. 

The Process Of Building an Android App:

As an Android developer for hire, Brian’s process is simple. 


  1. Android App Requirements: Prior to starting any app development, there needs to be an idea, and a plan. As an android consultant, the starting point is to decide on what features to develop, and answer questions such as who is the target market, how will the app be distributed, what is the app’s marketing plan and what is the android development feature roadmap.  
  2. Android Development Strategy: The strategy and framework for your app is as important as your requirements. As an android developer for hire, he can help with the right techstack to use and have a detailed plan for your android app strategy
  3. Android Architecture: As an android architect, Brian will ensure that the proper structure is used in both the design of front-end and back-end. The ability for your app to scale and perform is always top priority. 
  4. UI/UX Design: If you have UI/UX designs ready to go, then as an android freelancer, Brian can easily implement it. If you do not, no worries, he can use your brand guide existing libraires to speed up development. For any additional custom design work, he partners up with a few design freelancer to get the finalize your android app design.
  5. Android App Development: This is where the majority of time will be spent on, the development of your android app. It will include building out all the features, connecting if needed to your backend, adding any third party SDKs as well as deploying your app. 
  6. Testing: Android testing is one of the most important steps prior to launching the app. Due to androids multiple devices and different device availability around the globe, testing needs to be a top priority. As an android developer for hire, Brian will set up automated testing and he develops with the test driven development framework. However, it is encouraged that our clients to still perform their own manual human testing. Some have testers in-house others outsource, regardless we can help with testing. If you do need QA testers, we can recommend a few. 
  7. App Deployment: The final stage of your android development is deploying to the Google Play Store. Brian will automate the android deployment process so it will be easier to update your android app going forward. 
  8. Support and Monitoring: Once your Android app is live, it is only a starting point, as there could be additional features that your users want to see, you may want to monetize your app or there may be an update to the platform that will require a refresh. Either way, as an Android freelancer, Brian can assist with all android related projects regardless of your app’s stage. 
  9. Marketing: Once the app is launched it is hard to be found with thousands of apps competing in the same category. We partner with marketing agency with background in ASO, digital marketing and overall scaling of apps.
  10. Scaling the App and Teams: As your app grows, we can help grow your team by training your android developers and conducing code reviews for new features.  

Frequently Asked Questions

Development of android apps varies in price, it could take as little as $3,000USD to do a basic, proof of concept app to thousands or hundred thousands to develop a complex priority technology. 

Just like the cost, it is impossible to predict the length of time an app takes to launch in the app store. It could take an android development agency, anywhere from a few weeks to months or even a year prior to having your android app live in the Google Play Store. 

Code ownership, is an important issue especially as it comes to intellectual property. As an android freelancer, all code written for a specific project is owned by the person requesting the coding. Brian will be happy to sign NDAs and other paperwork that is required to get started. 

Yes, one of Brian's services is to help with apps that need to be updated or tweaked. If you are looking to add an Android feature, fix a bug or simply make sure it works on the latest version or latest devices, Brian can help. 

As a Android developer for hire, Brian can help set up custom SDKs, work with different APIs and integrate your app with other platforms such as payment provider, map APIs and others. If you need a custom API set up, not a problem as an android expert he has build and developed different connections to ensure app performance does not suffer. 

Since we do not have formal project manager or account rep, all your communication will be directly with Brian. You can reach him by slack, email, schedule a zoom call or any other form that you prefer. His time zone is EST, but he can accommodate clients as far as Australia or Hawaii. 

If your flutter development team is blocked on a feature, or has a problem they cannot solve. Brian will be happy to take a look. He has been a flutter mentor for over 4 years and is happy to help with any small or large issues that need help with. 

Brian has build over 20 apps for both Android and iOS platforms. He has also helped mentor and solve problems for other developers. 

App's analytics is key to understand user behavior and marketing attribution. As an android consultant, Brian has worked with most third party SDKs, as well as set up native event tracking. This ensures that your app's performance can be monitored for events that are important to your business. For custom dashboards, ASO and other marketing/data needs, Brian partners with a marketing agency. 

Apps need constant updates, with new features or fixing bugs. As an android freelancer, Brian helps finalize code basis from other developers, do code reviews for mobile development teams and finish your app's development.