Mobile App Development Trainer

Brian Kayfitz is an app development trainer, who can help train your developer or development teams. From solving complex problems to ethical development, and big picture thinking he can help. 

Team Training

Brian can help bring teams together, by unifying code base as well as establishing best-practices and frameworks for the team to use. 

Brian also offer code reviews to ensure compliance from team members. 

One to One App Developer Mentorship 

Brian has been an app mentor to over 50 students to help them write clean, scalable code. His personal philosophy is by inspiring and positive attitude any hard problem can be solved for. 5 Star reviews on Code Mentor speak for the education. 

Mobile App Problem Solving 

We understand that even the most talented advanced coders sometimes get stuck. We can help by providing a fresh perspective to an existing problem. Talk to us if you are stuck in a feature that just would not work.

Why Brian Kayfitz?

  • Brian has mentored over 100 developers, from individual app coders to development teams. He has helped with hiring, training, doing code reviews and mentoring. 
  • Established co-authored, the Flutter Cookbook, available for sale on Amazon.
  • Brian has developed over 20 apps in the past 10 years, for various industries. He has coded in Flutter, Swift, Java, Objective-C and Kotlin.
  • As an app developer mentor, Brian Kayfitz has mentored many students and app developers. He has a 5 star review on Code Mentor. 
  • Brian is both native app developer and cross-platform developer, in recent years his app development is focused on using Flutter.
  • Brian can is a developer for hire, and can help train your team, fix bugs or help with app development regardless if its native code based or cross-platform. 

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Mobile App Development Training Services

Help Hiring Developers

Brian has helped grow development teams by conducting interviews that are skill based, identifying good corporate fit and identifying areas that need development for app development teams. 

Swift Trainer

Brian Kayfitz is a Swift mentor who has 5 star rating on CodeMentor. As a Senior Swift developer, he can help you become a better coder and help fix any issues you are facing with your Swift development.

Java Mentor

For those developers that are using Java to write your mobile app, and need a bit of help Brian can help. Identify ways to fix your bugs, help mentor in Java Architecture or help address any other technical and non technical issues you maybe experiencing as a mobile app developer. 

Flutter Mentor

Brian is not only a senior Flutter Developer, but is also a Flutter Author, having written the Flutter Cookbook. If you need a flutter mentor or flutter trainer, look no further, Brian is happy to help solve simple and not so simple problems and help advise on all things mobile app development. 

Android Trainer

Doing app development for Android can be tricky, because of all the different devices. It is even tricker if you are supporting global users. Brian has been doing Android training for the past 5 years, and can solve your android problems. 

Dart Mentor

Dart is a programming language used to develop apps for any mobile device or web app. It is an object-oriented, class based language. Brian has been developing in Dart for the last few years and have been doing dart tutoring and dart problem solving for the same duration. 

App NameMUSTR  Industry: Utilities App

Services: Training and mentoring mobile development team.


“Working with a team of jr. developers and sr. developers can pose challenges on the quality of the code base. Therefore, doing code reviews and app development mentorship can help develop developers in house.” 

Brian Kayfitz, Mobile app mentor.

Frequenty Asked Question About App Development Tutoring Services?

Brian charges charges an hourly rate, therefore, the cost is fully dependent on the complexity of the issue or duration of app mentorship session. 

There are no minimum's or maximum's. Brian understands that there are different developer needs during different development stages, therefore, you only pay for the hours you use. 

Brian Kayfitz can provide mobile mentorship in Flutter, Dart, Java, Objective-C, Swift and can help with mobile app consulting. 

Flutter developers as well as any other mobile app developers need to keep third party dependencies under control. Third party packages should be carefully selected so they do not impact overall apps' performance. Another best practice for flutter development is making sure that the code is testable in order to prevent regressions. These are just some of many challenges that flutter developers need to be aware of. 

Managing a team is never ease, let alone when dealing with app's complexity. The biggest advise is to do code reviews, to ensure code is written in a clean way that anyone on the team can understand. Another suggestion is to ensure that hire the right developers, not just technically but ethically. 

Brian has developed financial apps for both a top bank in Canada and a small start-ups. He has also developed apps in the travel industry, the Visited app, which has over 2 million users and is available in 30 languages, was built in Flutter. He has consultant on apps in the health, government, utilities and food industries, to name a few. 

Yes, I have worked with teams as large as 50 mobile app developers. Doing code-reviews, teaching best practices, analyzing development culture from technical perspective, helped solve issues, mentored 1:1 for those developers that needed it, as well as helped with critical development on high risk areas.