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Flutter is an ideal framework for those that want an app to run on both iOS and Android without having to maintain two different codebases and do not want to compromise on quality. A Flutter freelancer is a great choice for those that are looking to develop a minimum viable product. The solution to hire flutter developer, instead of hiring two different developers can decrease development cost, development time and the need for a project manager.

Benefits of Flutter:

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Hire a Flutter Developer vs. Flutter Freelancer

When should you hire a Flutter developer as opposed to going with a freelance Flutter developer depends entirely on your goals, budget and timeframe?

If the project requires long term commitment and support, then hire a dedicated Flutter developer. An example, is if you are Uber and you are mobile first, meaning the app is your core competence. Therefore, if you are an enterprise scaled company then you would probably have a Flutter development team, or at the very least a flutter developer on payroll.

However, if your app is part of a bigger business offering and not a core competency, a Flutter freelancer may be all you need. An example would be if you are McDonald’s and want to create an app to support a promotion such as Monopoly game. This would indicate that hiring a Flutter project freelancer maybe a more economical choice that would not take away resources from the current developers.

And what if you had an app idea? No one can predict the success of an app or failure, without testing the market in real time. After all who could predict that Angry Birds would become one of the most successful commercial games. Not even Rovio, who released countless unknown failures before hitting gold with Angry Birds.  The same is true for the almost 2 million apps in the app store or almost 3 million apps in Google Play, with the majority not getting more than 1,000 downloads.  To add your app, you may not need Flutter developers but rather one Flutter freelancer who can build a quick MVP (Minimum viable product). Typically, it is recommended that an MVP has less than 100 hour of development time of minimum features to get your app on the stores in order to judge commercial success.

Flutter developers for hire are often in need of support, especially if they are coming from Swift, Kotlin or JavaScript. Flutter is still a comparatively new framework that may need support from senior Flutter developers, to review the codebase, advise on best practices and help with advanced features. If that is the case, hiring a senior Flutter freelancer as an additional resource can help current teams scale and improve the quality of their code base.

Finally, if you are a Flutter developer, you may need help with a feature, need Flutter mentorship or need a second pair of hands to finish your project on time. Therefore, having a flutter freelancer can help get your project across the line. 

Hiring a junior vs. senior flutter developer

Senior Flutter developer can come at a higher cost, especially when looking at an hourly rate. However, when looking at quality and timeline, it maybe the cheaper option in the long run. If you have a junior developer, you may need to train them to get to the senior level which can be easily done with mentorship.  The hourly rate for a junior developer may be less, but the number of hours that they will charge will be significantly more.

How to tell the difference between a good and a bad developer?

As a businessperson or non-Flutter developer, it maybe hard to tell a difference between a good, great or simply bad developer. After all, it is easy to create UI/UX wire frames that somewhat work, and maybe enough for you to raise your next investment funds. A good developer does not have code duplication in other words having the same code twice or more times. Code duplication is serious source of bugs that often must be fixed multiple times instead of once.  Senior Developers are often well versed in the SOLID principles to help them write clean code. Their code is also legible, modularized, properly respects separation of concerns and follows a simple through line for any other developer or team to take over should the need arise.

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