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Looking to develop a mobile app? Brian Kayfitz is a mobile app freelancer, tutor, mentor and consultant. He has developed over 20 apps, and has mentored over 200 app developers. He has a 5 star rating on code mentor. His own app, Visited has over 2 million downloads with 99% of it being organic. He has written apps in Swift, Java, ObjectiveC, Unity and now focuses mostly on Flutter app development and Hybrid app development. 

Why Brian Kayfitz?

  • Brian has been an app developer since the launch of the app store. He has worked in the gaming industry prior to that.
  • Brian has developed over 20 apps in the past 10 years. Millions of users use apps developed by Brian everyday from ordering take-out, to planning their investments and to planning their next trip.
  • As an app trainer, Brian Kayfitz has mentored many students and app developers. He has a 5 star review on Code Mentor. 
  • Brian is both native app developer and cross-platform developer, in recent years his app development is focused on using Flutter.
  • Offshore app development comes at a smaller hourly rate, however, it does come with additional headaches of app security, potentially lower quality, language barrier and time-zone management issues. With Brian, your app development projects are never outsourced and are all personally worked on by Brian. 
  • App development agencies tend to come with project managers and multiple app developers working on your app, with Brian you simple work with a senior app developer for hire.  
  • Established co-authored, the Flutter Cookbook, available for sale on Amazon.

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App Development Company Compared to App Developer

App developer for hire is typically one developer or a very small team, as oppose to app development company that comes with large teams. With app development agency you can expect to deal with account managers, project managers, designers, testers and developers. The benefit is its all in one spot, the negative is that usually your work is outsourced to junior developers or offshore, and leads to longer development cycles and higher costs. By hiring an app developer, you are dealing directly with the person developing your app. In case of Brian Kayfitz, you are getting a senior app developer of over 10 years, who has worked in almost every industry and whose apps won awards. Your app development will never be outsourced and all development will be done in North America. For those companies that require designers, QA testers, marketers and other support services, Brian has partnered up with a few that can help finalize your app’s development. 

Case Study: App Development of Finance App

App Name: Pay Off Debt Industry: Financial App

Tech Stack: Flutter, Dart, In-App Purchases

Unique Features: 

  • Debt Pay off Calculator
  • Custom Dashboard

About Finance Flutter App: 

“Pay Off Debt was rapidly developed as MVP (minimal viable product). The whole project went from idea to in-app store deployment in less than 2 weeks. Design was done in house to save on time and cost of proving a concept. It was written in Flutter and launched on both iOS and Android stores at the same time.” 

The Process:

As an App Freelancer, Brian’s process is simple. 

  1. Mobile App Requirements: If you have an idea for an app or an existing app, the starting point is to understand the needs. Some questions that are asked including: what tech stack was used? Who wrote the code? Do you have UI/UX frames ready to go or are you in need of design services? As an app consultant, Brian goes beyond the technology, to ask business related questions such as who is your ideal target market? Do you have a monetization strategy in place? What are your plans for the app post launch? Is it MVP app development or just one feature of many? 
  2. App Development Strategy: The strategy and framework for your app is as important as your requirements. Brian will work with you and your team on discussing various options to ensure that we have the best strategy going forward. Strategy is more important for large teams that have multiple features being developed at once, he offers code reviews to ensure code quality. 
  3. Architecture: As an app architect, Brian will ensure that features and the app is build with highest performance in mind, and to the highest quality. From your database architecture to your app’s code structure. 
  4. UI/UX Design: as an front-end app developer, design is important aspect and can make or break an app. most clients have design wire-frames ready to go in Figma or Adobe Photoshop, however, if you do need a designer, Brian can help find the right designer for your project. Alternatively, to keep cost down, established libraries can be used for MVP products, of course with editing to be on brand for typography, font, colors, etc… 
  5. App Development: As an app developer for hire, Brian will build the app or app feature for you. The work will not be outsourced and will performed to the highest standard. You own the code base, and can review it on a daily basis during development. 
  6. Testing: Brian believes in automated testing and has developed the test driven development framework. Despite automated testing development, he encourages clients to do their own testing, and of course post launch to monitor reviews and customer service emails to address any new feature requests or bugs reported.
  7. App Deployment: Brian believes in App deployment automation. Therefore, your app will be ready for automated deployment to the App Store, Play Store and the Web. Since you control the code, you would need to ensure that the app store and Google Play Store is under your name. 
  8. Support and Monitoring: Since Brian is an app mentor, he will continue to stay on an support you and your team whenever you need it. He can also automate a dashboard to keep track of performance for your key events. 
  9. Marketing: Once the app is launched it is hard to be found with thousands of apps competing in the same category. Brian has partnered with marketing agency with background in ASO, digital marketing and overall scaling of apps. Visited with 99% organic growth has achieved over 2 million global users. 
  10. Scaling the App and Teams: As your app grows, Brian can help with hiring developers as well as app developer training and code reviews to ensure high quality of your app code continues. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Pricing any app development is hard without knowing the requirements, complexity and time-frames. Once we can discuss the requirements Brian can estimate the work involved. Being an app freelancer, you can outsource only one feature, the app's architecture or app's technology strategy or build your whole app with Brian. 

As an app for hire developer, Brian will have no ownership over the code written or your app's idea. As an app consultant, he understands the importance of non-disclosure agreements and code ownership and will be happy to sign documents prior to commencing on any work. 

Since there is no formal project manager or account rep, you will not be required to attend daily or weekly meetings, or follow protocol. Simple, contact by form, and then meet when you need to or when more information is needed for Brian as he develops, message by email, Slack or whatever tech- stack you use internally. His time zone is in EST however, he has worked with clients as far away as New Zealand or close to California. 

Brian is an app freelancer therefore, he is used to working on one off features, fixing existing code, doing app mentorship  and training app development teams.

Brian recommends starting an app as MVP (minimum viable product), with basic features to test market conditions. For example, the app Pay off Debt, was build in under 2 weeks, with design being done in house to proof market conditions. The app requirements are typically 20-100 hours long. With cost to build an MVP starting from $3,000USD. 

However, a full app with complexity can take up to a year, examples of such apps include: high graphic focused game development, and certain medical/finance apps due to regulation. 

Brian has worked as a full time app developer for a top leading bank in Canada, following by developing a fast food app, after which he has decided to open his own app development agency. Since becoming an app freelancer he has build apps in multiple industries including: utilities, health, travel, gaming and finance, to name a few. 

Brian is available post launch, to help address any bugs or future features. As he works on an hourly basis, he can address any small or large issues in a timely manner. 

Brian is often hired by marketing agencies to help adding event tracking for both attribution tracking and in-app performance. By implementing third party SDKs or utilizing native event tracking, he can only implement in-app tracking but help build dashboards for the purpose of raising capital, marketing performance and product development. 

As an app mobile developer for hire, Brian can help integrate different code basis, APIs and other custom coding. He can also write custom APIs where needed, the most important part of integration is to ensure performance does not suffer. 

As an app consultant, the first thing when looking at a written app (no matter its development stage) is to ensure high quality code. After the quick code audit, an app strategy can be development to finalize the app. 

A few challenges exist when building an app, things like feature bloat, continuous technological updates and frequent breaking changes. As an mobile app developer keeping your app up to date is critical for your app's performance and ultimate success. 

As a app developer for hire, simply fill out the contact us form. Brian will schedule a meeting to discuss your project in greater detail. Once the NDA documents are signed, and requirements are discussed, the project will begin. 

Brian has worked with teams of 50+ app developers, by helping hire and train app developers. He was also responsible for code reviews, to ensure clean code and best practice frame-works were used across all developers.