Cross Platform App Development - Converting from Native App

The mobile world is constantly evolving and a breakneck rate; as such it is no longer tenable for small teams to maintain three completely separate codebases for both iOS, Android and the web. Flutter is a framework incubated by Google that enables teams to develop mobile and web apps with a single codebase without sacrificing quality or developer experience.  We’ve helped clients re-write their apps, train their teams in Flutter, helping to ensure seamless transition. 

As a cross platform app developer, that started out as a native app developer, I believe it is important to transition to ensure the highest user satisfaction by ensuring new features are built in a timely manner with the same quality for both iOS and Android devices. 

Benefits of Flutter:

Flutter Dart Services

Get started on converting your native app to flutter app:

Why Hire Brian Kayfitz to transition from Native App to Flutter?

  • Brian is a Flutter expert who has co-authored, the Flutter Cookbook, available on Amazon
  • Brian has transitioned over 5 different apps from Objective-C to Swift and finally to Flutter as well as from Kotlin to Flutter, in the past few years. 
  • Brian has been an app developer since the launch of the app store. He has build apps for the finance, travel, health, fitness, utilities and more. He has worked on both B2B and B2C apps, understanding the different monetization strategies and user needs. 
  • As a flutter mentor, Brian Kayfitz has mentored over 100 developers from solving simple developments tasks to complex problems such as geofencing. He has a 5 star review on Code Mentor. 
  • When hiring Brian Kayfitz, all work will be done by Brian, the flutter freelancer, it will not be sent offshore or build by junior teams with senior rates. 
  • For those companies that are wishing to scale their apps or their teams, Brian can offer app consulting services to ensure hiring, training and code basis are up to the company’s standards. 

Case Study: How an App was converted from Objective-C to Flutter

App NameVisited Industry: Travel App

iOS Rating: 4.6 Stars (20,000 Reviews), Android Rating: 3.9 Stars (2,000 Reviews)

Tech Stack: Objective-C, Java, Flutter, Dart, SQLite, Spring Boot, Java, Postgresql, AWS

Unique Features: 

  • Proprietary real time interactive map
  • Personalized user travel dashboard 
  • Customized travel lists

“The app was launched in 2004, with Objective-C, being iOS only. Once we saw that users have started to find the app organically, the app was written in Java for Android users. Maintaining two codes by one developer was challenging, with majority of users from iOS it became, iOS first app. When Flutter was released, it was entirely re-written in Flutter. The result has been faster performance, better user experience, and many new features. Without Flutter, it would have been impossible to code the app in any other ways.” said Flutter Developer, Brian. 

The Process of converting Native App to Flutter

According to Flutter freelancer, Brian Kayfitz the process is fairly straight forward: 


  1. App’s Feature Analysis: Identifying what features of the app will be moved over. After years of development, some features may not be useful anymore. As a mobile app consultant, I recommend that the first step be to analyze your app’s features will allow to develop your app’s roadmap.
  2. Architecture: Starting with the right architecture and framework is going to be key to a successful transition. Now that you have your road map, and you can have an architecture plan on how to build your app. 
  3. Design: Packages can help save time on UI/UX designs of the app, therefore, it is important to have a mobile app strategy on utilizing third party packages or building custom design with the updated flutter code base. 
  4. Development: as a mobile app developer, he will ensure code is written in the most efficient high performance manner. 
  5. Training: After the app has transitioned from being a native app to cross platform. Brian as a flutter mentor can help train your team on how to maintain flutter app, as well as build new features. 
  6. Maintenance: As a flutter freelancer, Brian will be available to address any issues or future feature development.