Top 5 Reasons Flutter is Good

Since its stable release, Flutter has become one of the most talked-about cross-platform frameworks. The majority of businesses are now interested in Flutter. This interest is because you can use a single codebase to create apps for the web, Android, Windows, Mac, and iOS. Many developers desire to stick with React Native despite its speedy development and versatile UI.

Let us discuss why the Flutter Framework is the greatest, then compare Flutter to React Native from the developer’s viewpoint.

What is Flutter?

Flutter is a Google UI software development kit. It is notable for allowing developers to create stunning natively built apps for the web, mobile, and desktop from a single codebase. Flutter began as an open-source project for developing mobile applications. Afterward, it expanded to include web, Google, Windows, Linux, and Fuchsia platforms.

Why is Flutter Good?

For small and large enterprises, there are numerous advantages to employing Flutter for app development. Many mobile app development service providers use it as a popular cross-platform application development framework. Why is flutter good? Read below to see for yourself.

Open Source

Google’s Flutter is an open-source software development toolkit. It allows users to raise bugs and receive documentation through open development channels easily. It also enables Flutter programmers to learn from and evolve with the platform’s ever-changing community of developers. It improves the coder’s performance and effectiveness, resulting in a reduction in project time and expense.

Expressive and Flexible UI

Flutter makes it possible to create amazing apps. Furthermore, Flutter’s framework allows you to manipulate every pixel on the screen. Thus, Flutter makes customizing a snap. Thanks to its excellent composting features, you may overlay and animate pictures, texts, videos, and other controls without any restrictions. There is also a bundle of widgets for Android and iOS that provide pixel-perfect experiences which allow Material Design to reach its full potential.

Dart as Programming Language

Dart is an object-oriented programming language that Flutter utilizes to construct apps. It has a large software library, strong typing, garbage collection, generics, and async-awaits, among other things. Dart is also similar to Java and borrows many features from other programming languages. Its reactive programming methodology makes it simple for developers to execute routine tasks.

Native App-like Performance

You can also get fast execution on any platform when you employ mobile app developers to build apps using Flutter. This option employs the Dart programming language, quick, basic, and easy to compile into native code. It outperforms any other app development platform in terms of application performance.

Tech Community

Another thing why Flutter is better is that it has a strong developer community that is constantly working to improve the platform. They make it easy for beginners to get into the framework and learn it. There are approximately 50 videos available to assist you in using the software package. With the support of the team, anyone may easily begin designing an app.


There are numerous reasons Flutter gets used and why Flutter is better and should be your first choice when creating a new mobile app. It is swiftly gaining popularity due to its numerous advantages. Flutter is, in a nutshell, the easiest method to create a high-performing cross-platform mobile app.

If you have more inquiries, Brian is here to help! Brian Kayfitz has worked on mobile technology for over ten years in various industries, including gaming, banking, restaurants, travel, and start-up apps. He keeps up with the newest mobile development trends and is presently concentrating on Flutter-based multiplatform development.

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