Who should hire a Flutter Freelancer?

It all starts with an app idea, it could be a gaming app or a B2B mobile app for your sales team to use. The idea is usually a starting point in any companies journey towards having the app go live on the app store. The next question that comes to mind is who will build the app.

You may have an internal mobile development team who at some point maybe too busy maintaining existing apps to work on your new app. Or maybe you have hired a mobile agency or an app freelancer who has not developed the product of your desired quality. Or lastly maybe you are an app developer yourself who has hit a road block in your app development.

All scenarios above would require hiring a senior app developer to either build an app from scratch, fix existing code or help solve an advance problem. There is also another scenario, you are tired of maintaining two different code basis for your iOS and Android platforms. Historically, there was no solution for cross platform solution that had the performance of native apps. The only solution that was available to programmers was React Native, which uses JavaScript when connecting to native modules therefore it results in very poorly performing app. However, in 2017 Google launched a new solution, Flutter, which had no loss of performance that React Native had without requiring to maintain and code in two different languages.

Therefore, the other scenario of when to hire a freelancer, is if you want to convert your existing apps into Flutter. Flutter freelancer can help you migrate your current apps. If you already have an app in Flutter, then flutter freelancer can help you build additional features and fix existing bugs.

Finally, if you have an app idea and you would like to build an app from scratch, it is highly recommend to do so in Flutter. Since, Flutter has only been around for a couple of years, the majority of programmers currently employed are lacking the knowledge or skillset to deploy your app in a timely manner. Therefore, it is recommended to bring on a flutter freelancer for quick turn around projects.

To hire a flutter freelancer, contact Brian Kayfitz a Sr. Flutter Developer.