Outsourcing mobile development allows you to scale your agency, increase capabilities without increasing your cost. 

Brian Kayfitz Development offers a unique solution to mobile development agencies who are in need of iOS or Flutter developers for a small or large project within a specific time frame. 

Services Offered:

Reason To Hire Brian Kayfitz

Mobile development for Native iOS (Swift and Objective C) and multi platform programming in Flutter.

Fixing bugs and helping finalize projects written in Swift, Objective-C or Flutter. 

Experience trainer in Mobile Architecture, Flutter and iOS native development. 

Brian Kayfitz has experience working on enterprise level apps for the banking and restaurant industry. As well as working for startups and developing with niche technologies such as OpenGl.

Brian Kayfitz is passionate about the new innovative technology of Flutter. He is the Flutter team lead at raywenderlich.com, a premier site for mobile development training.

High quality programmer, with a 5 star rating on Codementor, a website dedicated to tutoring programmers and solving hard problems.

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