Outsourcing mobile development allows you to scale your agency, increase capabilities without ballooning your costs. It is difficult to scale a team when projects come and go. It is also difficult to find a great developer in a short period of time. It is often even more challenging to find a Flutter developer, due to the limited resources available worldwide.

Brian Kayfitz Development offers a unique solution to mobile development agencies who are in need of Flutter developers for a small or large project within a specific time frame. 

When should you outsource flutter development?

Typically, mobile development agencies are looking for Flutter freelancers in two instances to save on costs or to fill a resource need. Outsourcing as a cost saving strategy may not always be advantageous as quality is hard to control/predict especially outside testing scenario when scale is an issue. The other reason is the cost of managing the outsourced resource may be greater than anticipated. This is often the case when going offshore where you can still find talented Flutter developers at reasonable rates. While the code is clean, legible and simple works, the communication of requirements maybe more difficult. Edge cases are often missed and depending on the seniority of the developer, initiatives and innovation maybe lacking as they are simple there to do a task at hand. It may not be a good idea to outsource to a Flutter developer due to cost savings.

So why would a mobile development agency outsource to a Flutter developer? There could be multiple reasons, with the most common being lack of resources. If you have an app that needs to launch by a certain date or an update to an app is needed and your team is at capacity, it may be the only choice but to hire a freelancing Flutter developer. Another reason is lack of internal capabilities, mobile development agencies may not always have the technical knowledge to bring the app to its highest quality. Perhaps a plugin is not working? Or maybe integrating with an API is not displaying correctly, this is a time for a quick consultation with a senior Flutter developer who can help solve the issues that the team is faced with.

Another reason to hire a flutter specialist is to help mentor a team of junior developers or help with code reviews to ensure highest quality of code is being produced.

Services Offered:

Reason To Hire Brian Kayfitz

Mobile development for Native iOS (Swift and Objective C) and multi platform programming in Flutter.

Fixing bugs and helping finalize projects written in Swift, Objective-C or Flutter. 

Experience trainer in Mobile Architecture, Flutter and iOS native development. 


Brian Kayfitz has experience working on enterprise level apps for the banking and restaurant industry. As well as working for startups and developing with niche technologies such as OpenGL. He has build and helped teams with many Flutter apps.

Brian Kayfitz is passionate about the new innovative technology of Flutter. He is the Flutter team lead at raywenderlich.com, a premier site for mobile development training.

High quality programmer, with a 5 star rating on Codementor, a website dedicated to tutoring programmers and solving hard problems.

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