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Have an app idea but not sure how to build it? Brian Kayfitz has experience in creating mobile architecture that is modern, easy to maintain and will be optimized for efficiency and expandability. Mobile architecture is important from the beginning, if done right it can save you the headache in the future when adding new features, updating the codebase to latest version operating system version and conducting ongoing maintenance.

Need help solving a problem or want to learn Flutter? Brian Kayfitz is an experienced 5 Star Flutter mentor, Flutter book author and article team lead at Ray Wenderlich. He is passionate about helping Flutter developers reach the next level of their development knowledge and is used to solving complex problems for enterprise client as well as start-ups. As well as consult on best framework to use or writing clean, reusable code

Had a third party build an app but not sure if the code is usable, efficient or even safe? Brian Kayfitz helped many businesses understand the quality of their app’s architecture and code. It is very common to hire offshore Flutter developers to build an app, which works for the first hundred users only to break when marketing takes off. In some cases code can be salvaged with a few tweaks while in other cases it maybe better to rebuild the app right.

App Deployment

Have an app but not sure how to get it to the app store? Automating app deployment can help save time, this is especially key for apps that are refreshed on an on going basis. While app can be developed in Flutter can be distributed to the App store, you need a mac environment to do so. Brian Kayfitz can help get your app on the app store by setting an environment and automation. Another way, to deploy your app is using a paid service such as Fast Lane.

UI/UX Mobile Services

To bring your app idea to life you need to wireframe your concept with proper UI/UX strategies. Designers usually use Figma or Adobe XD to create beautiful apps, only to add additional unnecessary development costs. Things like shadows or custom widgets, may look tantalizing on the surface but if you are building an MVP or are trying to get your app out of the door this week it may not be practical. Brian Kayfitz works with a talented designer to come up with the easiest UI/UX to implement without compromising on design. 

App Search Optimization (ASO)

It is not enough to just build an awesome app, having the app be optimized for search is key to getting found! Having built Visited which receives over 1,000 new users a day organically, Brian can help identify keywords to target and how to launch the app on the app store. He often partners with StrategicDB a marketing analytics agency which uses data to find the correct keywords and tactics to push apps to top 10 for keywords that often used.

App Localization Services

Have an app that you want to make available to users around the world? Do not have time to find translators and input it into your code? Having built Visited, an app that is localized in 30 languages, Brian can not only translate the app by hiring native speakers but also input the translations straight into your code base so you would not have to hire, organize and update the code. Brian can also help develop automation systems to help you generate localized screenshots and metadata for your app stores.

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