Mobile Architecture Consulting

Mentoring and Training for Mobile Developers

Code Review Mobile Services

Have an app idea but not sure how to build it? Brian Kayfitz has experience in creating mobile architecture that is modern, easy to maintain and will be optimized for efficiency and expandability.

Need help solving a problem or want to learn Flutter, Swift or Kotlin? Brian Kayfitz is an experienced 5 Star mobile mentor.

Had third party providers built an app but not sure if the code is usable or efficient or even safe? Brian Kayfitz helped many businesses understand the quality of their app’s architecture and code.

App deployment and App Search Optimization (ASO)

Have an app but not sure how to get it to the app store and get downloads? Having built Visited which receives over 1,000 new users a day organically, Brian can help identify keywords to target and how to launch the app on the app store.

App Localization Services

Have an app that you want to make available to users around the world? Do not have time to find translators and input it into your code?  Localization is more than just changing the language.  You may have to account for measurement systems (Metric or Imperial), local currencies or even more subtle items such as colours having different connotations in different countries.  Having built Visited, an app that is localized in 30 languages, Brian can not only translate the app by hiring native speakers but also input the translations straight into your code base so you would not have to hire, organize and update the code. Brian can also help develop automation systems to help you generate localized screenshots and metadata for your app stores.

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