Mobile consulting – When Do You Need it?

Mobile consulting is a vague term which can mean anything from consulting on mobile technology, doing code review, identifying way to monetize your app, marketing mobile consulting and general mobile strategy. Here is the break down of possible mobile consulting that you may need and when you need it:

Mobile Development Platform– Identifying what technology and framework prior to building your app is crucial to your overall company structure and ultimately the success of your app. If you are building a gaming app you may wish to consider building it in Unity despite a fee for using Unity, if you are building an app that acts like a website then react native maybe the cheapest solution, for more sophisticated app you may want to use native Swift or Kotlin or a cross device Flutter.

Code Reviews and Technical Mobile Consulting – During development you may run into decision on what APIs to use, best way to structure a back-end, and ultimately may need a code review prior to publishing the app. Typically a senior mobile app developer, can be your best option. They typically deal with many apps and can save you lots of development time by simply consulting their expertise.

UI/UX– When developing your app you may wish to hire a UI/UX expert to map our the customer journey and create graphics that will make your app stand out in the app store. Most mobile agencies have UI/UX experts on staff but you may wish to hire a professional freelancer.

Mobile Marketing Consultant – Once your app is ready to be shared with the world,  you need to have good marketing strategy in place. If you have a marketing budget a good digital marketing strategy can ensure you get downloads at a reasonable cost per acquisition. Without a budget, ASO (App Store Optimization) is going to be critical.

ASO (App Store Optimization) – Optimizing your keywords, title and description (Google Play Store) is fundamental to users finding your app. Keep in mind, that even for strong brands, search can make or break user experience.

Monetization Strategy – For those apps that are there to generate income, either via ads, in-App Purchases, being a paid app, subscription model or other ways. Identifying the right strategy sometimes requires testing for example: you may wish to try affiliate links or facebook ads or go on the exchange, each app and industry is different therefore, it is crucial to find the right partners for your monetization strategy.

Reporting – Mobile app reporting is key to all aspects of running a successful app. User experience and testing on UI are driven by app analytics, while store analytics deals with impressions and users that have downloaded your app. Add to this marketing KPIs and you need solid reporting. Building a dashboard and having proper reporting inside the app and outside is critical to the app’s success in the long term.

These are just some aspects of mobile app consulting, that you may need to ensure your app’s success both from market place to app’s quality. For mobile consulting on technical aspects, such as which frame work to use, how to connect or pick the right API, as well as for code review and architecture, Brian Kayfitz can help!