How To Pick The Right Swift Agency

If you are in the market for a Swift mobile development agency, it maybe hard to choose from. The choices seem endless, do you go based on region, team size, skillset, or hourly rate? Well, the answer to those questions depends on what you are looking for. Here are the questions that can help you get to the right Swift Agency:

  1. Does the agency develop mobile apps in Swift? You would be surprise to find out that many agencies develop in cross mobile development language which is React Native. It is popular because it allows web developers go mobile. Therefore, making sure the team has developed apps in Swift, is familiar with the latest packages and updates is crucial.
  2. Location? The reason location maybe important, is due to the time zone. You may not want to stay late to talk to Australia or wake up early to speak to someone in Germany. Having clear communication with your swift developers or swift freelancer is going to be key to the success of your mobile app. Another reason location matters is your app’s target market and marketing. If you are building a travel app for NY you want to be able to say made with love in NY.
  3. Mobile Freelancer vs. Mobile Agency?¬†If you are building a simple app or you require only one Swift developer, you may not need an agency but a Swift freelancer instead. Agencies on the other hand are ideal for design, development, testing and sometimes even marketing of your app. However, agencies may not have the most advance niche developers that you may need for your app’s success.
  4. Skillset Requirements? You app maybe utilizing the latest AI or Machine Learning frameworks or maybe your app requires best in class security functionality. Mapping our your requirements can help narrow down your agency search as you may uncover that only a few agencies or freelancer in the world have the skillset that are needed for your app idea.
  5. Reputation? With reviews readily available, it is critical to make sure that whoever you hire has a good reputation of delivering work on time, having high performing apps with 99%+ crash free apps and who have the capacity to build the app for you with the expectations that you have.
  6. Hourly Rate? Finally the budget can play a role, mobile agencies tend to charge over $100+ per hour in North America, but can be as low as $10 per hour in developing countries. However, you may find that the $10 an hour agencies will end up costing you more down the line. Therefore, while you want something within your budget, you may want to ensure your app is built right, otherwise you will be paying for it sometimes twice.

There is no right or wrong agency, but the one that fits your app’s strategy. If you are looking to hire a North American based Swift Freelancer or need someone to help vent Swift Agencies, I would love to talk to you!