How to Hire a Flutter Developer

Google introduced Flutter to demonstrate their vision for the future of mobile applications. Flutter emerged as a cross-platform app development framework pertinent even to the most complex apps. This sophisticated framework is fresh, which makes searching for top talents more challenging. If you are looking into hiring a team of Flutter developers, prepare to compete for valuable talent.

Valuable Skills to Look For in Flutter Developers

The software industry is an evolving industry. There are constant changes within the industry, including emerging technologies, software, and tools. If you are looking for an ideal addition to your team, you should know the qualities that best suit your group. Highlighting the following skills is integral to hire the best flutter developer for your company.

App Development and Design

It is imperative to acquire a flutter developer who can fulfill all the complex requirements of your project. They should be able to have substantial knowledge about the framework to execute each task quickly. Lastly, an exceptional flutter developer can create sophisticated designs for UI widgets and cross-platform applications.

Writes Concise Code

While someone who has an eye for great design is essential, they should also write concise, well-documented code. Flutter applications exist on both iOS and Android, which indicates the optimization of coding is necessary. The performance should stay balanced against low-powered models and Apple’s smooth interfaces. 

Extensive Testing for Bugs and Glitches

As soon as flutter developers finish a project, it undergoes a range of tests to check bugs and glitches. Hiring cooperative Flutter developers that communicate with engineers well helps accelerate the time-to-market rate.

Where Can I Hire Flutter Developers?

There are various options to hire flutter developers within the IT market. You can employ highly-skilled freelance developers, in-house developers, or from a reputable outsourcing space. These options have a plethora of talents available across different platforms. 

In-house Developers

In-house developers are ideal for when an app has already launched, and you need someone to manage it. Some companies choose to acquire in-house flutter developers for long-term tasks such as making app improvements and updates. You can expect spending $35 to $70 to provide a reasonable hourly rate for in-house developers.

Freelance and Outsourced Developers

Freelance developers are ideal for tackling a specific task or project that is finishable within a few months. You can quickly find talents from freelancing platforms and hire them at a low cost. Companies are not required to pay them for any leaves or taxes unless it’s for the tasks performed by them.


Hiring developers from trustworthy software development company can guarantee the highest quality of talents. You can always count on them to deliver skills before your project, for they specialize in the industry itself. Not only that, but it also eliminates the need for consulting a specialist or giving your in-house employees additional tasks. 


Both freelance and outsourced developers require lower expenses since you don’t cover office expenses and leaves. You can get promising talent between the two when you outsource for a slightly lower price than hiring freelance developers. The cost of hiring outsourced developers can vary if you’re looking into hiring from different regions. The typical hourly rate for outsourced developers in the US are around $20 to $150. On the other hand, hiring freelance developers take $61 to $100 for their average hourly rate 

You can identify and hire freelance talents from platforms like Freelancer, Upwork, oDesk, and Elance. Consequently, the best-outsourced flutter developers typically create their own website to offer their services such as Brian Kayfitz.