Do You Need Flutter Development Services?

The short answer is yes! Reactive performance, swift development, and reusable blocks of UI are only some of the unique qualities of Flutter. For this reason, this cross-platform app development framework is favored by both startups and large enterprises alike. Flutter is especially relevant today due to the growing demand in the mobile technology market. Building an app using Flutter Studio is completely free, allowing many companies to launch their app with a limited budget.


If you want to collaborate with Flutter developers to build your app, it is recommended to acquire from specialized providers. Not only can they provide top talents, but they can also save your time and money spent on your search.


Moreover, Flutter has been proven to be useful in business utilized by pioneering companies like Google, Tencent, Alibaba, eBay, and more. That said, here are the types of apps that facilitate innovation and seamless performance when built using Flutter:

Social Networking Platforms

Flutter enables the development of an app that helps users manage their social media activity and share posts. They have built-in widgets to make improvements in UI and create animations, gestures, effects, and more.


Here are some social networking platforms that utilized Flutter to establish their app:


  • KlasterMe (For content creators)
  • Hookle (To manage social media accounts)
  • Meeve (For social networking)

Lifestyle & Utilities

Flutter is also ideal for building plugins and add-ons to improve the overall performance of your app. You can integrate features like insights and analytics to improve user engagement and retention. Important details such as real-time alerts and notifications are necessary to complete the optimization of your app. Flutter utilizes the tool Firebase to provide measurement solutions on both Android and iOS.


Some businesses use this feature to provide actionable insights for the users. For instance, the lifestyle app Reflectly integrated Flutter to let its users create a personal journal. At the same time, the interface of their app provides actionable insights based on users’ previous entries.


Pioneering eCommerce platforms such as Alibaba and eBay incorporated Flutter to improve parts of their app. It allows them to provide extensive product catalogs to let their users access suppliers from all over the world. Accordingly, Flutter facilitates additional features like chat support and advertisements.

Banking & Finance

Flutter makes transactions in mobile banking and finance apps much easier. Flutter has a plugin called Firebase to establish valuable analytics and insights. This lets users monitor their spending which can also be visualized through graphs. An app called Birch Finance utilized Flutter to help users manage all their existing credit cards. All they need to do is to enter their cards and the app shows their spending pattern. This convenience is extended for users can also find ways to earn and redeem certain rewards within the app.

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