IOS 14: Impact on App’s Monetization Strategies

With Apple’s new stand on privacy, the release of iOS 14 which is scheduled for Q3, 2020 will have a major impact on some app’s ability to monetize. Now users will see a new privacy screen when installing a new app. This screen will ask if a user allows to have access to devices IDFA […]

Marketing Your App as an App Developer

As an app developer, you have built your app, you have tested it and you have even launched it on the app store. Now you sit and wait for users to rave about your new app. A week later you realize you had only a few downloads and you suspect the majority came from your […]

The Future for the iOS Developer

Mobile apps have become a competitive space, and some may argue having mobile presence is as essential as having a website. So how do you make your app stand out among 2+ million apps in the app store? The obvious answer is marketing, brand recognition and having a good product. While developers have limited control […]

7 Reasons to get Mobile Consulting Services?

Mobile consulting services includes: mobile strategy from marketing, to how to get your app to the app store to code review and architecture services. So what are the 7 reasons to get mobile consulting services? Building the MVP (minimum viable product). When designing a project, it maybe difficult to scale back the brilliant vision for […]

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