Building Apps with a Swift Agency – Apple’s Own Coding Language

Swift is a compiled programming language specializing in iOS, macOS, watchOS, tvOS, and Linux applications. Apple introduced this dynamic language in 2014 as an iOS-exclusive but eventually became available to Linux applications. Backed by one of the most influential tech companies globally, Swift has the opportunity to pave the way for iOS development.

A few years after its release, Swift exceeded its counterpart; ObjectiveSwift ranked 14th among the most popular programming languages of 2018.

Let’s dive deep into the advantages of building apps using Apple’s coding language.

Swift is Open-Source

With Swift being an open-source programming language, it provides an opportunity for advancements. Any open-source programming language indicates the increased chances of it being developer-friendly and receiving regular updates.

Swift developers can explore the coding language and even contribute to specific enhancements. Apple encourages developers to contribute to bug fixes, feature ideations, and overall platform development. For this reason, the advancement of Swift was quick leading to the current point of it matching the performance of pioneering languages.

Improved Code Readability

One of the main reasons why Swift paved the way among programming languages is its improved code readability. Developers discovered that Swift provides a more concise syntax to read and write. Coding becomes faster as well since fewer lines of code are needed to implement specific actions. The reason for this is that Swift eliminated legacy conventions like semicolons, end lines, and parentheses. Instead of having method calls inside brackets, Swift makes it possible to separate them using commas.

Moreover, Swift is an easy programming language to learn. It offers a natural approach to coding that can easily be understood by those who know JavaScript, Java, Python, C#, and C++.


The majority of iOS developers favor Swift because it helps them work efficiently. They are able to develop apps as well as perform updates and testing at a quick pace.


Swift earned its reputation since it is considerably quicker than its counterpart, Objective C. In comparison with Python, Swift runs app logic using the same algorithm almost 4X faster. The increase in speed allows businesses to launch early and save costs during the development period.

Supports Dynamic Libraries

The integration of Dynamic Libraries to the Swift framework makes it possible to perform updates regardless of its version. This allows Swift apps to perform seamlessly on older iOS models. Every update uploads its code to memory to sustain its optimal performance.

Integrates Playgrounds

Swift accommodates beginner developers through their app, Playgrounds, which facilitates the process of learning the framework by providing grounds to test coding skills without creating an elaborate app. This inclusion can also help businesses in their early stages to develop strategies for their app’s functionalities.

Looking for a Swift Developer?

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