Building a Finance App: Debt Free

I have recently built an Minimum Viable Product (MVP) for a financial app, Debt Free. Debt Free can be found in both Google Play Store and iOS’s App Store.

The app started with a simple idea, get out of debt! Most people do not realize the amount of interest they are paying on a debt and simply adding $50 per month or an extra $1,000 that you may have received can help save one or two payments and maybe even a few hundred dollars of interest. This financial app is aiming at simplicity of adding a few data points usually found on your bank or financial institutions statements. It does not provide you with the amortization table or any other details or financial language that is typically used by financial apps.


The app was written in Flutter and has just launched in May 2020. It is a simple concept, help people payoff debts faster. Therefore, was written in under 60 hours, and have seen 80 downloads already in just a couple of day’s launch without any marketing push. The cost would be about $7,500 to build a similar app which includes a professional designer working on UI/UX and screenshots.

The key to developing a successful is to test if the app is appealing to users, hiring a great designer and building a MVP product first. If the app generates traffic, you can then build upon your simple version of the app.

One big difference between an enterprise app and an app designed by a start-up, is the back end set-up which is usually overly engineered. Another difference is the number of features that the app has. For example, it maybe nice to have an amortization table added to this app for those that would like to view it, but it is not necessary to get it in on the first version release. This way you get to have users tell you what features they would like to see in the app which you can build against, as oppose to either guessing what they would like or doing what others apps have done.

If you are looking to hire a flutter freelancer for your financial app, Brian Kayfitz can help. He has built an enterprise secure investment app while working in BMO, as well as building various apps for other clients.