Advantages of Flutter – A Business Prospective

Flutter was developed by Google and launched in 2017. It’s goal was to allow programmers to write code once without the loss of quality. Here are some advantages business may want to consider when building a mobile app.

  1. Cost – Historically to create an app you would need to bring in two different developers one that codes in Swift or Objective-C for iOS apps and another who knows Java or Kotlin. If you had a web app that would require another developer. With Flutter, one developer who knows Flutter can write an app that would be ready for iOS, Android and even the Web.
  2. Time – Having two write code twice vs. once. This means that by picking Flutter you are cutting your development time in half. In reality, it can actually be even more cost effective due to many different variables.
  3. Maintenance – Flutter handles all of its rendering internally. Therefore, it does not relay on existing OEM widgets. From a business perspective you do not have to worry about your app breaking anytime the system requires an update. This makes it easier to maintain and decreases risk of your app going down.
  4. Quick MVP (Minimal Viable Product) – For start-ups or business who are not sure about their app idea, starting out with a Minimal Viable Product (MVP) is the solution. Writing it in Flutter is the fastest way to test your idea on both iOS and Android devices.
  5. Speed – Developers can view their code on live devices almost instantly making it a much faster and efficient way to produce apps. This means that the app will have less bugs for your QA team to catch.

Of course with every advantage there are disadvantages to building your app in Flutter. Flutter disadvantages include;

  1. Availability of Programmers – As it has only been around for a few years, many programmers have not yet caught up with Flutter. Therefore, you maybe forced to hire a Flutter Freelancer instead.
  2. Still Maturing – The API is still in its toddler stage. At this point it is not recommended to use Flutter for the web. However, this is changing rapidly and it will take only a few months for it to become stable in the small areas that it is not at the moment.
  3. Internal Resources – Internal mobile development teams, may have just started learning Flutter. This means that you may need to invest in training and allow for extra mobile development time.

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