7 Reasons to get Mobile Consulting Services?

Mobile consulting services includes: mobile strategy from marketing, to how to get your app to the app store to code review and architecture services. So what are the 7 reasons to get mobile consulting services?

  1. Building the MVP (minimum viable product). When designing a project, it maybe difficult to scale back the brilliant vision for your app. Therefore, having a fresh set of eyes from an unbiased external app developer can be key to a successful launch. Doing a proper MVP can help save development time, without losing potential users when launched.
  2. Mobile Architecture consulting services is another reason to hire a mobile consultant. When it comes to developing an app, having proper planning and architecture can save hours of development down the line. Using proper structures can also help maintain code integrity, especially when working in larger teams or having new developers join later.
  3. Large team and disagreements – large teams or sometimes even the difference of opinion between two people on the project can lead to disagreements and sometimes wrong decision making. Therefore, having an independent third party programmer look at the situation objectively can usually resolve any issues that the team is having.
  4. Road block? Being blocked on a problem is never fun, it can lead to hours or days of unproductively. This happens to every developer even to the top and most senior programmers, you are stuck in a loop that you cant get out of. Therefore, it may help to either talk to another developer to either get it resolved or by talking through it the solution typically appears!
  5. Marketing the app can be a challenge. With thousands of apps on the app store, it is often difficult to be found. Usually developers are confused why their brilliant ideas are not generating the downloads? After all their UI/UX is perfect, the idea is brilliant, and there are virtually no bugs, so where are the users? Well, to be found you typically need a good ASO (App store optimization), and depending on the app you may require a marketing budget to run ads for people to discover you, or for those with bigger budgets doing more creative marketing may do the trick.
  6. Dealing with the business aspect of app development can be a challenge for programmers. Mobile consulting services can include things like monetizing strategy. For example, is it better to do in app purchases or add ads? If you are adding ads is Facebook Ads or Google or other type? Other mobile consulting can include answering questions on the strategy of the mobile development such as back-end storage, authentication and other business related questions.
  7. APIs. APIs and different frameworks can be a challenge, sometimes they can be very expensive while free to start. Other APIs maybe difficult to implement with no third party support. And finally, it maybe hard to find the right package or tool to use in your app, therefore, requiring the building of a custom solution. This is something that a sr mobile developer has dealt with on many projects and can assist with picking up the right tool to identifying budget for the app when it scales.

When looking at development of app, it is usually cheaper to have a proper business strategy, marketing plan, architecture and MVP in place prior to investing larges sums of money into development. Therefore, talking to a professional mobile app consultant can help save unnecessary development time and decrease cost in the long run.

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