5 Reasons to Hire A Freelancer (Over a Mobile Development Agency)


There are many reasons why you should outsource mobile development. It could be the expertise, cost, or simply time. But how do you make a decision to go with a mobile app freelancer over a mobile development agency? Simple, here are the top 5 reasons to hire a freelancer over a mobile development agency.

  1. Specialized – Freelancer tend to have experience in certain areas which a big or boutique mobile agency may not. For example, OpenGL is not a common API and only a handful of programmers will be proficient. Therefore, if you have an internal team working on development but is stuck at a certain framework or API, a freelancer with experience is a better option.
  2. Experience – Large development companies, usually hire junior mobile developers to work on your project in order to have a better margin, while the companies stuck paying the big bill. Therefore, it is important to understand the team and team’s capabilities prior to hiring a mobile agency for your app development project.
  3. Cost – Freelancers typically work remotely with very small overhead cost. Mobile agencies tend to have costs outside development, QA and design, these costs are usually forwarded to a client. Therefore, freelancers usually come at a lower rate.
  4. Any Project Size – There is typically no minimums cost or size of a project. For example, you may have a simple app idea that can be executed in a manner of a couple of weeks, most boutique agencies are working on middle or large scale projects and may not be interested in taking a simple app. Freelancer on the other hand can build your simple app idea in between larger projects. Mobile app freelancers usually come from enterprise companies therefore, they are comfortable working with other freelancers or working on long term large scale projects.
  5. Timeline – Some projects have tight deadline with rush requests. These projects are often hard to execute with large teams. Therefore, working with one single developer can be the solution to getting it done faster. This is contrary thinking to the typically approach of the more people you add to the problem the faster it gets solved, but usually one expert can be all that you need.

There are many other reasons to hire a mobile freelancer instead of a mobile development agency, including finalizing a project that was incomplete at a reduced rate, fixing bugs, doing code-reviews and having ongoing support at a fraction of a cost. If you are looking for a mobile app freelancer specializing in iOS native languages and Flutter, look no further. Brian Kayfitz is a senior developer who can help build your app, maintain your app  and help fix any existing bugs.

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