5 Considerations when outsourcing iOS app development

In today’s digital world, the majority of people spend hours on the phone, from shopping to gaming, there are endless possibilities when it comes to app development. Every business no matter how small can benefit from having an app. Benefits can include increased sales, improved brand loyalty, or even improving internal efficiencies. As most business’s core competency is not technology or iOS app development, outsourcing seems like a natural fit. After all, why not let a Senior freelancer built it for you?

Here are 5 considerations when outsourcing your iOS app development: 

  1. Freelancer or Mobile Development Agency? Many corporations believe that hiring a mobile development company will ensure the highest quality work in the timely manner. This could not be further from the truth, many agencies hire junior developers who lack the skills needed for complex app features such as building a customized map using OpenGL or building animation into your game design. The draw backs of hiring a freelancer on the other hand, is that there, maybe a limited capacity to complete a task in the time required. The other issue you may run into with a freelancer is the lack of other skills that maybe required such as UI/UX or QA which maybe part of the mobile development agencies service offerings.
  2. Cost – Freelancers are typically more cost effective as they do not require the need to maintain office space, hire administrative people such as project managers and are typically more advanced in their skill set. Outsourcing your iOS app development to countries outside North America can mean cost savings but could come at a higher price due to privacy concerns, quality and time zones.
  3. Communication – How well your outsourcing development company or mobile app freelancer communicates can me the difference between success and failure. Having clear requirements and setting expectations for the project can help save development time and ensures the project’s success. It also helps that the time zones match, in order to ensure that meetings can be easily scheduled.
  4. Post Development Support: Once the app is done, maintenance becomes critical not only with every iOS update but also with addition of new features. Make sure that any freelancer or development agency is able to provide post development maintenance and support.
  5. Quality: Finally, the most important aspect when outsourcing is the knowledge and quality of the agency. The best way to ensure that you are hiring the best is to look at previous portfolio. Another way is to make sure that your needs are met with the right tools. For example, if you want to use OpenGL, ask about their experience with OpenGL prior to hiring.

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