10 Reasons to Hire a Flutter Freelancer

There are many reasons to hire a mobile development agency, but when should you hire a mobile freelancer instead? And what are the reasons for utilizing Flutter vs. Native iOS or other languages? The answer lies in the top 10 reasons to hire a flutter freelancer.

  1. MVP – an MVP stands for Minimum Viable Product. It is a simple proof of concept to see if the need for your product exists. It has been said that Angry Birds (the most successful app game) took 50  failed games before they stroke a billion dollar idea. Instead of wasting resources coming up with extensive research it is recommended to do a quick turn around limited app to test the waters.
  2. Budget – a mobile freelancer is typically cheaper than hiring an agency. Agencies tend to have higher cost associated with running the studio such as office space and support personal. While a freelancer only needs his own laptop and testing devices.
  3. Expertise – Depending on the skillset you are looking you can find find the most senior professionals whose experience and expertise is hard to find at agencies that typically hire junior developers to increase their profit margins.
  4. Speed – While it may seem counter intuitive throwing more developers at a problem may actually cause delays at a project. Building different components by different developers can work great, until it is time to put it all together and de-bugging may take a while.
  5. Same app for both Android and iOS – If you are looking to develop an app for both Android and iOS devices using the same code, utilizing Flutter is the way to code. It is a superior language to historical cross platform device language such as React Native. Since not many developers have made a transition to flutter, you may have a hard time finding a flutter development studio.
  6. De-Bugging – It is not uncommon to hire developers or have in house development teams create apps which contain bugs. If you are need to launch your app quickly, (due to marketing or other considerations) you may need a new set of eyes or a senior freelancer to help solve your bugs quickly.
  7. Low Time Investment – Working with agencies requires multiple meetings, including weekly status reports, long processes of gathering requirements, working with different account managers and project managers for a project. While this is great for enterprise companies whose projects are typically 6 months +, most start-ups and small/medium size businesses do not have this luxury and therefore can cut significant time by going with a less structured development team or freelancer.
  8. Code Review -programmers often find themselves wondering if their app is written in the most efficient and scalable way. While, it may work today what about when 10,000 users join the app or a million? Waiting for it to happen in real time puts the company at risk. Therefore, hiring a freelancer to do a code review can save you an embarrassment in the future.
  9. Small project – Unlike an MVP which is a small scale of a larger app idea,  you may have a simple quick project such as a new feature to an existing app or super simple app. It is hard to find mobile agencies who would be interested in taking on a quick project. While a freelancer loves these types of projects as they are quick turn around and sometimes very exciting.
  10. Training – it can be challenging learning a new language such as Flutter. Therefore, it maybe easier to get one on one training from a flutter freelancer to get you up to speed as oppose to doing self pacing training.

If you have any of the above needs, especially for Flutter projects, look no further. Brian Kayfitz has help many companies and developers with Flutter projects. No project is too small or complex, contact him today!